Google Appreciation Day

Google Appreciation Day is an event that officially occurs on the 14th of September. This date is significant because “” was registered on September 14th.

Google Appreciation Day's main purpose is to better the lives of those who celebrate it by encouraging the acquisition of knowledge, which will eventually lead to the betterment of one's life.

Participants can spend as little as five minutes to as long as 24 hours researching an area of their life they wish to improve upon (as long as the knowledge gained can actually be applied to bettering your life). For example, if one wishes to lose weight, he/she would spend time searching Google for various weight loss techniques and strategies. The individual would continue doing so until a satisfactory amount of information had been obtained on the subject. However, it is not enough to merely obtain the knowledge; one must actually apply what he/she has learned in an effort to better their life.

Step #1
Sit down and seriously think about your life. Ask yourself: “If I could change anything about my life, without the chance of failure, what would it be?” Write down what comes to mind.

Some examples would include: Bettering your financial standing, losing weight, learning a specific skill such as guitar and learning various leadership strategies.

Step #2
Surf on over to and begin researching the area of your life you wish to better. We recommend you bookmark all quality sites in their own folder. You may even wish to keep a text file open and paste all relevant information in there.

Step #3

Put your newly acquired knowledge into good use and APPLY what you have learned.

Google Appreciation Day is not about a specific day in and of itself, but rather it is about reminding us that most aspects of our life are within our individual control and that they can be changed if one so chooses. So, every time the 14th of September rolls around, use it as an opportunity to learn something useful.

"The key to happiness in life is to focus on that which we can control, and forget about the rest."